jeanne_d_arc (jeanne_d_arc) wrote in quaker_pagan,

Quaker-Pagan Anthology

Have you ever read the Non-Theist Friends' antholoyg "Godless for God's Sake"? It's an explanation of what some Non-Theist Friends believe and a compilation of their spiritual journey stories.
Now, it's time that Quaker-Pagans also had an anthology. At long last I have found a publisher, so I'm now collecting articles for the Quagan anthology. As an experienced editor, I will work with authors, so that we put out the most polished work possible.
Although I have not yet set a deadline, please try to send your submissions to jench1977 at hotmail dot com in the next few weeks. Send articles about your view of how one can be a Quaker Pagan (I know you've been asked this many times), about your spiritual journey and/or relationship with the divine or anything else that relates to being a Quagan.
Blessed Be!
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